Input Delay


Skynet is a script that uses IPTables to block connections to the WAN of the router that runs the Skynet script.
I won’t go into the differences between a firewall and Skynet, they are both similar but with differences.
Skynet was written to make it easier to block banned IPs from being accessed by devices behind the router. Some websites get reported as a risk and their IP goes onto several databases.
Skynet uses the , updated frequently, databases and blocks the data streams/connections.
There are options within the script and it is these options that I have found to be of great help when playing FIFA.
Help as not to improve the connection and get rid of input delay, but in getting out of the game without the game No loss glitch. Very handy if you find yourself in a match and you can’t move your player but the opponent’s gameplay is unaffected. 

What we have to do is find the game server IP then ban it in Skynet. This guide is only for Asus router users which are capable of running Merlin firmware and the Skynet script. Not all Asus routers are capable of running Merlin firmware and not all of the Merlin compatible routers are capable of running Skynet.

Note: Back in FIFA 19 you could use the Skynet method when winning and get the win. But now you can only use it when drawing. If you are winning or losing and you block the IP.. YOU WILL GET A LOSS.


1. A compatible Asus router. On the Merlin compatibility guide , he has a list of compatible routers.

Unsupported models used to be supported but a risk if running Skynet. For example my spare AC66U version A2 can not run Skynet because it has a different version of IPTables. Even on John’s fork version of Merlin’s firmware , it can not run Skynet. If you have an older Asus model which was once compatible , check John’s page out on the SNB forum. You may be in luck.

Note: I am thinking of getting the ROG AC2900 , which has beta firmware , but Merlin is not 100% sure whether he will continue to the main firmware yet. He probably will but I will wait first. Also some of the main features of the ROG AC2900 stock firmware will not be compatible with Merlin’s code so those features will be lost.

You can read more from the following link to the SNBForums.


2. A USB stick , preferably 4 Gig +.

3. An SSH terminal like the one above (Putty). Don’t worry as the full instructions how to download and setup are in the AMTM instructions.

4.Flashing from the ASUS stock firmware is not difficult. You simply find the compatible version of firmware for your model , use the upgrade firmware option in “administration” then after waiting a cup of tea later you go to “restore, save upload settings” and click the “Restore” button. This will wipe the data clean. You will have to re do any settings you had previously.

5.The AMTM guide. Read through a couple of times at least is my advice. Do not rush it. As TLC says “It will be worth it”. The link is here and contains all you need.

One thing to remember for future reference is that when ever you upgrade firmware you will need to “unmount” your USB drive. There is an option on the main router home page where you click on and the option to unmount is available. You do not physically need to take the drive out. 



Ok. So now your router is loaded with Merlin firmware and set to be able to run scripts.

You have loaded up your SSH terminal , entered your router username and password (password doesn’t indicate you have typed anything on the password) and pressed enter.

You now type in “amtm”.

A menu appears. In the menu there is an option “i”. You press that and enter. This gets up the list of available scripts.

Skynet is option 2. Press and enter. Part of the install means you will have to setup the USB drive to be able to store data. This process takes about 10 minutes , or more. I set it to use a 2GB swap drive. Also when setting up Skynet set filter traffic to both. You can set it to filter incoming connections if you wish as that will still work.

So now Skynet is ready and installed there is one more script I would advise downloading. The option J3 ScMerlin. This is because if your router webpage ever seems to be stuck you can undo it with this option very easily.

Now you are ready for the NO LOSS GLITCH.

How to use Skynet for the no loss glitch.

Ok, so you have accessed Skynet through AMTM and are sitting at the main menu.
You also have your router GUI open and are looking at the connections log which can be accessed via the main GUI page under “System Log” then the tab in that page “Connections”.

When you start the matchmaking stay on the connections page and as soon as you get the green bars refresh the connections page via the refresh button at the bottom of the page.

You will see a list of current connections and connections which are awaiting further information as to whether they can close or not.
TCP connections will be the first group on the list followed by the UDP connections.
The game server uses UDP connections. So you scroll down or click the “proto” tab in the top left corner to reverse the list from bottom to top.
“Which one is the game server”. Right, so this may not be obvious to a user who doesn’t venture into these parts of the router too frequently.
FIFA uses port 3659 for the game server and another port which tends to be between 10000-11000. The latter may vary for you.
What you are looking for is a row that shows the following. The destination IP will vary. That is the game server IP.

Now there will be a scenario when you first load FIFA or go into FUT/other game modes when you see a lot of entries that match what I have put up.
This is because the servers which determine which group of game servers you should play on run tests.
The testing servers use the same protocol and ports.
They do not stay there for long, maybe 2 or 3 minutes.
Bear that in mind when setting the IP to ban in Skynet.
It may be a good idea to go into the mode, Rivals for example, and wait a minute or two. Then start the matchmaking procedure on the console after you have refreshed the router connections page and no other UDP connections to the console are in the log.
When you start the matchmaking procedure the connection will show up in the log when you now refresh it.
You now have your game server IP.

So with Skynet now on the main menu, you press 2 “to ban”, then press 1 for “IP”, you then enter the IP which then brings up a comment box.
In the comment box, I put “fifa”.
You only press enter the moment you want to glitch out of the game.

Tip. If you time it well you can glitch out just before the ball crosses the line.

Note: In the router webpage under LAN>Switch Control , you need to have the NAT acceleration disabled to be able to time it because the processor that handles the scripts is also handling the NAT traffic if set to “automatic”. This slows down the banning process so you will concede and lose if you are trying to time the glitch out moment perfectly.

I know that sounds really bad LOL but it’s just a bit of fun brought about by many hours of frustration this game has brought me.

To recap the procedure once you have the game server IP.

Press 2 to ban.

Press 1 to ban IP.

Enter the game server IP you got from the connections log. Press enter.

Enter in comment. I put fifa.

Only press enter when you want to glitch out of the game.


Some Amazon IPs are whitelisted so can not be banned unless you take them out of the whitelist or ignore the whitelist.

As EA use AWS (Amazon web services) some of their game server IPs are in the whitelist.

So to be able to ban AWS IPs you need to go into Skynet settings , number 11 on the main menu , and set CDN Whitelisting to “Disabled”.

Also it is a good idea to unban all the IPs you banned as they are not harmful and at other times those servers could be playable.

You unban by option 1 on the main menu and use the unban by comment option. Type “fifa” or what ever you used as  for comment and press enter.


So far I have not been banned but it doesn’t mean I will not be banned.

I genuinely think EA know about this and other glitches but allow them because they know there is a big problem with connection differences.

This glitch used to work in the Daily Knockout , which was server based , when you were winning and you would get the win. As son as you went 1 nil up you could glitch out.

They changed the rule for when there is a “disconnection”. You can not get the win anymore and the game simply doesn’t count when you do it and are drawing.

There looks to have been a conscious decision made on certain types of disconnections.

I will do an article on DNS , which allows for another disconnection glitch. This glitch does not work on every router. But it does on the Asus.