Input Delay


The plan for this year.

Just to keep you in the loop. The plan is to test FIFA 22 via EA play with several accounts.

I am thinking of jumping ship from Playstation to Xbox purely for financial reasons. I can get a special deal on an Xbox pass and the Xbox S nextgen console is cheaper than the PS5.

The tests.

Testing server locations and when they show up as you enter FIFA or FUT.

DNS. Previously this could disconnect for no loss or change gameplay.

Skynet/Firewall. Banning Testing servers to stop being located in specific locations. And to test the mid game no loss glitch. I have been told today the Netduma method caused a user to get a weeks ban on FIFA 21. So I will be testing on a specific account for this.

Wireshark. I will be capturing most of the games I play , comparing gameplay to the packet resend levels.


I will report back in good time. 

Testing servers.

Ok so I have fired up FIFA 22 and through the Asus router connections log I can see the testing servers which EA use to determine which servers you should play on. They are in the pic below.

One thing of note is the 3rd location in South America doesn’t show up. This could be because EA have abandoned the 3rd location or my ISP have blocked it. It may look like Mumbai has iD3 as well as AWS but the iD3 location is probably Dubai.

Wireshark Tests.

Played my first Rivals game this morning (24th September) after building the squad below.

The Wireshark tests showed between 4 and 10 packet resends per page of 27 lines of GVSP (filtered)

It was mostly pages of 4-6 resends per page. The pages of around 10 resends were a lot less in number.

The gameplay was ok. My opponent’s players did not seem to have an advantage like in FIFA 21 , but this is usually the case in Division 10.

One game is no where near enough to judge , so the testing will continue.